Paper Submission Guidelines

International Conference on Humanities, Innovations and Management (ICHIM)

Fusion of Theory and Practice for Meaningful Development

General Paper Submission Guidelines


You can deliver your manuscript on ICHIM orally, virtually or by poster presentation. All the presentations must be in English Language. You must submit Full-length Manuscript for review before the submission deadline.

Best Paper Award

About five to ten percent (5-10%) accepted papers will be select as Best Papers. The Best Papers will be announced at conference.


An accepted proposal for a single paper presentation prepared by one or more authors will be assigned to Oral, Poster or Virtual Presentation. Please indicate the mode of your presentation in the online submission form.


As a listener, you can participate and attend all the presentation sessions only, neither making presentation nor going on the academic tours.

Abstract Format

The abstracts can be one-page long (200-250 words). The abstract include Problem Statement, Purpose of Study, Methods, Findings and Results, and Conclusions and Recommendations (These elements may need some adaptation in the case of discussion papers: Background, Purpose of Study, Sources of Evidence, Main Argument, and Conclusions). Please note that some elements are optional in abstracts. While submitting your abstract, you should enter all co-authors’ names in the abstract, not only the main author. After your submission, you should receive a response that your submission has been made from the conference secretary and you will hear from us again before the notification deadline the decision of your submissions.

Full Paper Format

Submissions to ICHIM 2020 must be original; submissions cannot have been published or accepted in a journal or conference proceedings, nor presented at another conference. Further, submissions must not be concurrently under consideration for publication or presentation elsewhere. If your paper has previously been published as a working paper or a pre-print, you will be asked to describe this as part of the submission process.

When the full paper is submitted, it is double-blind reviewed by a member of the Conference Review Committee. This review process intends to ensure that the paper is relevant to the conference, is of a sufficiently high quality to be accepted for presentation at the conference and publication in the conference journals and meets the submission criteria laid down by the program committee

Poster Format

Design your poster so that it is easy to read and include some visuals or charts. Allocate the top of the poster for the title and authors’ names and affiliations. Remember the audience may have a short time frame to read your poster.

Poster size should be A1 international paper size. Materials, including the title, should not extend beyond the poster size.

Do not use foam core or any thick or multi-layered materials or pushpins directly on the poster boards. Please make sure that the material used for the poster allows it to be posted on the boards.

All posters should be based on the submitted abstract as accepted by the Scientific Committee.

Please bring your poster with you.

Required Paper Template

Please follow the format when preparing your abstract and/or paper. Abstracts should be between 200-300 words while papers should be between 5500 -6000 Words only.

Paper Submission Methods

You may submit your paper(s) either via email at or you can submit your paper(s) through the submission form below.