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International Conference on Humanities, Innovations and Management (ICHIM)

Fusion of Theory and Practice for Meaningful Development

Cultures are shifting, the digital landscape is developing rapidly, and enterprises are now facing competition that is fiercer than ever before. How to support enterprises in achieving competitive advantage through culturally sensitive innovation and technologies has become a crucial issue. Progress is hardly created in isolation, it requires connected efforts, cross-border discussions, and vigorous assessments. International Conference on Humanities, Innovation and Management (ICHIM) is a platform that allows business stakeholders, researchers and experts worldwide to meet and share knowledge of exciting cultural practices, innovative technologies and managerial theories, exchange valuable experience, and form cooperative relationships to promote business innovation and management.Join the stimulating conversation in Mauritius, one of the most beautiful cities of Africa, and explore it on a free tour. You are guaranteed to make memories that will last you for years to come.

International Conference on Humanities, Innovations and Management (ICHIM)

Conference 2020 Organizers

The Sash Business Management (SBM) is an entity that facilitates knowledge transfer by enriching and furthering the career of the research fraternity, empowering decision making in the corporate sector and promoting quality decisions for policy makers through academic Conferences. The individual’s personal vision of adding values to the transformation of the world through research culture is made possible in SashBM’s Conferences. We are setting novel standards for better people engagement, and promotion of international exchange, and through research, bridging study to industry gaps. Researches serve as the fundamental component for the development of ideas and concepts leading towards the emergence of innovations that result in a deviation from what was traditionally executed and practiced. The SashBM conference platform is created to address the need of researchers to showcase their work to the outside world and contribute towards constructing a meaningful future in an invigoratingly fresh environment.

Who Should Attend The ICHIM?

Our platform is designed for the academia and non-profit, public, and private sector members who are interested in cutting edge research and academic developments in the field of Humanities, Innovations and Management (ICHIM). Experts who do not fall in any of these categories but are interested in learning from top academics and practitioners in the field in an interactive, content-packed environment, are invited to register! This conference is a must-attend for:

  • University & Faculty Staff
  • Faculty members and lecturers
  • Master’s students and PhD candidates
  • Advisors and counsellors
  • Career officers
  • Teaching and research assistants
  • Teaching and research assistants
  • Business/Corporate Practitioners
  • Public Sector Professionals
  • Researchers
  • Scientists
  • Elementary, primary, and secondary school teachers
  • Early childhood and special needs education professionals
  • Members of local and international non-profit organisations in the field of humanities
  • Local, national, state, regional and international policy makers and government contractors
  • Private sector specialists in the fields of humanities, innovations and management

Key Conference Executives

ICHIM Global - A Kent Van Cleaver Jr

A. Kent Van Cleave, Jr., Ph.D.

Conference Executive

Kent lives in rural east Tennessee, surrounded by woods & mountains. He earned a PhD in industrial & organizational psychology from the University of Tennessee. He’s Professor of Psychology & Business.

ICHIM - Conference Executives - Professor George Teodorescu

Professor George Teoderescu

Conference Executive

Author of Kenotomy, theory of Creativity University Professor for Integral Innovation International expert for Integral Innovation Consulting and Think Tank moderator, and a Key Note speaker

ICHIM - Professor Roger B. Mason

Professor Roger B. Mason

Conference Executive

Professor Roger B. Mason is the Wholesale and Retail Leadership Chair at Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town. Prior to this he was Professor of Marketing at Durban University of Technology. 

ICHIM - Professor Peter Gust

Professor Peter Gust

Conference Executive

Professor Peter Gust is Chair of Engineering Design Vice Dean Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering University of Wuppertal, Germany, Gaußstrasse 20  –  Germany 42119 Wuppertal,

Conference Editorial Board

  • Professor C.D. Jinabhai


  • Professor O.A. Ilesanmi

Management and Social Sciences

  • Isaac I. Abe (PhD)

Leadership Studies

  • Chidi I. Eke (PhD)

Leadership Studies

  • O.M. Olarewaju (PhD)

Accounting Sciences

  • Juliet Kamwendo (PhD)

Gender Education

  • G.O. Idris (PhD)

Leadership Studies

  • O.I. Adisa (PhD)

Political Science

  • A. Avandibu (PhD)

Leadership Studies

  • E. A. Ndidiamaka (PhD)

Management And Entrepreneurship

  • C. I. Obagbuwa (PhD)

Computer Science

  • N. A. Akwu (PhD)

Biological Sciences

  • Ezekiel F. J. (PhD)

Management And Entrepreneurship

  • K.O. Oladele (Com)

Information Systems and Communication

  • A.B. Ramraj (PhD)

Management And Entrepreneurship

  • L.S. Shulita (PhD)

Conflict Transformation and Peace Studies

  • M. Orakwelu (PhD)

Applied Mathematics

  • D.W. Legg-Jack. (PhD)

Technology Education (Skills Development)